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Automotive transmission must meet a variety of requirements, including smooth shifting, high output power, compact structure, light wight, high efficiency and low noise, and the requirements are increasing, so the performance of the transmission bearings must meet the higher requirements which is the basis of automotive transmission bearings.

Transmission bearings commonly used types are:
Deep groove ball bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings
Tapered roller bearings
Needle roller bearings

The deep groove ball bearings with simple structure, easy to apply, the most widely used. Not only used for radial load, but also can bear a certain axial load. The bearing have the function with angular contact ball bearings when the radial load is large. Compare with the same size of other type bearings, the bearing has a small friction coefficient, high speed limit, easy to achieve bearings sealing and so on.

Cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, easy installation and disassembly, generally used to bear radial load, compared with the same size of ball bearings, they can bear a larger radial load carrying capacity and stiffness.

The tapered roller bearings are mainly used for bearing radial load mainly which radial and axial joint load, with large load capacity, but the manufacturing precision is difficult to improve, high noise, doesnt apply in high speed/ low noise situations.

Needle roller bearings due to compact structure, small radial size, large loading capacity, especially for the supporting parts with limit radial installation size, the bearings meet the requirements of machinery, the smaller and the lighter weight.