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Differential bearings are the tapered roller thrust bearings, which located the right and the left side of differential housing, its role is bearing and transmitting the differential and reducer drive force, and reduce the transmission friction resistance, improving transmission efficiency and reliability.

The bearings inner diameter and differential housing journal, bearing outer diameter and reducer housing are generally interference fit, the bearing inner and outer rings are not allowed moving with the adapter, but the bearing clearance is adjustable.Because of the rear drive axle transmission part lack of oil, or using in the special road for long-term and with poorly adjust, the bearing inner diameter and housing journal will loose and wear, the tapered roller will be burned and abrasion, the surface of inner and outer ring will be burned and abrasion too, this will cause the differential axis deviation.
If the bearing damaged badly, the cage of the tapered roller bearing will be crushed, and the rollers rods are arranged in disorder, the bearing center will be positioned abnormally, resulting the damage of differential parts. The bearing clearance is too large will lead the differential axis offset, accelerated the wearing, and also affect the other parts. If the bearing clearance is too small, will causing the bearing wearing, surface friction, surface damaged, and so on. So the differential bearings damage depends on whether the bearing clearance is correct of not.