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Ceramic Ball Bearings

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Ceramic ball bearings use a combination of traditional GCr15 steel rings matched with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls or ceramic rings match with silicon nitride balls. This type bearings have a higher speed capability and will provide longer service life than all-steel bearings in most applications.

Ceramic ball bearings costs lower maintenance.

Extending the service life of a bearing without increasing maintenance oft operating costs. The initial cost of a ceramic bearing may be higher than a standard steel bearing, but the difference is quickly recovered in maintenance savings. Because of the properties of ceramics, a ceramic ball bearing's service life can be up to 10 times that of a standard steel bearing, reducing the need for maintenance on your machine as well as the costly interruptions in production. Because ceramic balls are only 40% as dense as steel balls, the centrifugal load that they generate is less and the internal bearing friction is lower. The lower density and friction enables cooler running under the same operating conditions, or even higher rotational speeds.