For large or hard-to-find bearings, bearing repair or reclamation is often a cost effective and time savings alternative to buying new products.Candidates for bearing repair or reclamation would include:

Large bearings over 12" bore
Expensive bearings over $2000
Obsolete bearings
Large quantities of the same size bearings (i.e. steel mill roll out tables)

The bearing repair process consists of:
Shipping bearing(s) to repair center (customer's expens)
Inspection-free of charge or if a charge, waived if bearing is repaired
Assessment of damage
Determination of class of repair
Replacement of rolling components 
Refinishing the raceways
Replacing components - cage or races
Estimate of price for bearing repair and lead time
Repair bearing(s)
Return repaired bearing(s) to customer

For large quantities of the same size bearings, we can provide a bearing repair/ reclamation process. The bearings are degreased, inspected for wear or spalls, tumbled with polishing media, and reoiled.Both repaired and reclaimed bearings have the same warranty as new (typically one year) on the material and workmanship.

For certain circumstances, bearing repair can be an economical way to reduce your cost and get more life from your bearings.