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RCB tells you how to purchase bearings in China

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Update time : 2018-10-18 11:54:46
1. Do you know the bearing industry in China? Let RCB tell you.
China has about 10,000 bearing production enterprises, 1,500 of which are above the scale, mainly distributed in 9 autonomous regions of the country.The number of employees in the bearing industry reached more than 400,000, with business revenue of 178.8 billion yuan and bearing output of 21 billion sets.It is capable of producing bearings as small as 0.6mm and as large as 12.37m with more than 90thousands kinds of bearings. China's total demand for bearings was $17.5bn in 2017, accounting for 22% of the global market. China became the world's third largest bearing country in 2006.China's import and export volume reached $8.906 billion in 2017, and the number of import and export bearings reached 8.439 billion sets.Of this, $5.23 billion was exported and about $3.68 billion was imported.

2. Where is the main bearing origin in China?
Liaoning, Luoyang, SuXiChang, eastern Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian

3. The gap between China's bearing and international famous companies is reflected in the below aspects:
Research on basic knowledge of bearing
The experimental test
Technological innovation
The quality level of bearing steel
Heat treatment quality level of bearing parts
Bearing grinding process quality control level
Bearing equipment quality level
The quality level of the rolling elements

4.Is it easy to buy bearings in China?
The answer is NO, and you'll find several questions:
4.1. Products are far worse than their websites.
4.2. Too many grades of bearing quality are annoying.
4.3. The product quality is not stable, the first delivery is good, and the second is poor;The sample may be good, but the lot is poor.
4.4. Counterfeit bearings abound, and what's even more scary is what you're buying is refurbished bearings
4.5. Cut corners. Do you know how to do it?
4.6. Is a big factory always reliable? The answer is NO, because the products you buy may also be out-sourced.

If you have not been to more than 500 factories in China, please do not say that you know Chinese bearings very well.

5.The advice of the RCB
5.1. Looking for a professional partner for long-term cooperation.This partner may or may not be the producer, but they know to help you think about quality and price from your perspective.
5.2. This team knows technology, process, language and skills. They are honest and trustworthy and will never let you down
5.3. Don't be fooled by the large scale, and don't look down upon the small and beautiful factories. The key point is you clearly know what kind of products you want.
5.4. Most importantly, choose RCB.