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RCB supplied 4-row CRB bearings and heater to steel customers to meet their urgent need

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Update time : 2019-03-04 12:37:44

In order to meet the urgent needs of RCB steel mill users, RCB supplied the four-row cylindrical roller bearings required by the customer's production line within 10 days, as well as the L inner rings. The inner ring is made according to SKF Fw(under roller dimension) special tolerances.
As a typical rolling mill roller bearing, RCB four-row cylindrical roller bearing can be separated from each other and can be interchanged with high precision. It is very convenient to install, disassemble and clean, especially the extra large FCDP structure in a given radial installation space. Provides maximum radial load carrying capacity and low friction coefficient. Almost all wide four-six-roll mill support rolls are choosed from FCDP four-row cylindrical roller bearings with outer ring and rolling element mounting. In the bearing housing, the inner ring is interference mounted on the roll diameter of the roll.
In addition,RCB provided heater (Induction Heating Extractors for Inner Bushings of Four-row, Double-row Short Cylindrical Roller Bearings) to the customer to remove the inner ring for heating and assembly.
RCB induction heating extractors are ideal assembling/disassembling tools used in hot assembling/disassembling field of four-row and double-row short cylindrical roller bearings and bearings.RCB series extractors for the inner bushings of bearings are composed of control box and inductive head.